Capital Improvement Fund Campaign

We need your help! Assist the Five Points Youth Foundation by making a tax-deductible donation to the Capital Improvement Fund.

With you tax- deductible donation, we will:
· install a new roof
· install a new skylight,
· grade the parking lot,
· stucco the building and
· resurface its fa├žade.

Note: You can also support our efforts by pledging an amount as “matching funds target” which can only be disbursed if and when an amount equal to the amount you pledge to the Five Points Youth Foundation’s Capital Improvement Campaign Fund is matched by actual contributions of other donors.

This is a restricted gift/donation to be used only for the purpose of capital improvements to the Five Points Youth Foundation, located at 1820 West Florence Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90047, as authorized by the board of directors.

For information, call: 323-752-1180